Diesel tweaks store design introducing more flexible omni-channel approach

Diesel tweaks store design introducing more flexible omni-channel approach

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Diesel introduced its new retail concept in Copenhagen – DR

“After analysing Diesel’s retail positioning, we discovered several essential elements. Previously, a store’s planned obsolescence occurred between six and eight years after opening. As consumer requirements and demand change rapidly, social media use increases at terrific pace, and online sales keep booming, a store’s operating life is now approximately four years, and continues to shorten,” said Diesel.

As a result, the label decided to revamp its monobrand store network, working on renovations, new openings and closures. For example, in Paris, it decided to close down the 280 m2 store located in rue Sainte-Croix-de-la-Bretonnerie, in the Marais district. According to Diesel, the closure will be offset by two new openings in the French capital before the end of the year. In France, Diesel currently operates 84 direct retail outlets, between monobrand stores and department store concessions.

“In this context, people keep demanding change, and become harder and harder to please. They expect a regular stream of novelties and a constant rotation of the collections. Diesel is taking up this gauntlet – as well as the challenge set by social media – by completely rethinking its retail approach, as was first unveiled in Copenhagen. The interior design of the Copenhagen and of future stores is ultra-dynamic and adaptable.

“Back-end operations have also been redesigned, with stock levels based on omni-channel requirements. The main features of this new approach are flexibility and the ability to modify more easily the way products are displayed in-store, depending on demand, trends and other signals; greater transparency, since part of the store’s ‘backstage’ is now in full view; and high energy, customised shop fronts, thanks to collaborations with local street artists,” said Diesel.

A look by Diesel – DR

The new concept will be deployed by the end of the year in fifteen Diesel stores, both new and renovated ones, in Europe, the USA, Japan, China and India. Using the same approach, Diesel opened a pop-up store in Berlin last June, located on Torstrasse in the Mitte district. A store that is more than a short-term presence, since it will stay open for a year, and that showcases chiefly the label’s menswear collection, though it also features a section dedicated to womenswear. A shipping container alongside the store hosts a café for Diesel customers and fans.

The pop-up store in Berlin Mitte – Diesel

With this new, diversified retail approach, Diesel is trying to react to a market that is increasingly complex. The label is dealing with the crisis that hit the whole denim sector, with the exception of Levi’s, in the last few years. In April, Diesel’s parent company, the OTB (Only The Brave) fashion group, reported a negative consolidated net incomeMaison MargielaMarniViktor & Rolf


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