Giorgio Armani reopens Milan store on Via Montenapoleone

Giorgio Armani reopens Milan store on Via Montenapoleone

Giorgio Armani, who is celebrating the 40th anniversary of his brand this year in conjunction with the World Expo, for which he will serve as an ambassador, has had one of his symbolically most important stores renovated: his flagship at 2 Via Montenapoleone in Milan.

A historical palace houses the Armani store on Via Montenapoleone – (Photo: Matteo Piazza)

The store is located in one of the oldest palaces on the luxury shopping thoroughfare, the Palazzo Taverna, which was rebuilt in 1835. It covers three floors and a total surface area of 11,646 ft². 

The ground floor is dedicated to womenswear (apparel and accessories), the floor above to menswear and the top floor is reserved for “made to measure”, with the most elegant suits from the men’s collection. The “New Normal” collection will also soon be available in the store, according to a statement by the fashion house.

In the Armani store on Via Montenapoleon, each space is individual Photo: Matteo Piazza

An imposing elliptical staircase connects the three floors, while numerous windows have been reopened in order to restore the building’s original form.

The layout, designed by Giorgio Armani and his team of architects, adopts a completely new store concept with new furnishings, while chairs, lamps and rugs are included as part of the latest Armani/Casa collection.

Certain items, such as lamps, are included in the Armani/Casa collection Photo: Matteo Piazza

Each room has been customized with different flooring, as well as printed silk wall coverings in a range of shades. The very design-oriented style gives the shop an elegant and refined look.


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