UK shopping centres cover mirrors in changing rooms

UK shopping centres cover mirrors in changing rooms

After new research revealed that almost three quarters of British women, 71%, don’t feel confident buying a new outfit after they’ve tried it on and looked in the changing room mirror, three UK shopping centres are trialing covering changing room mirrors.

Photo: Hammerson

The Birmingham Bullring, Bristol Cabot Circus and Croydon Centrale, which are owned by Hammerson

Hammerson says that it goes without saying that looking good comes from feeling good within, and that some changing room mirrors make shoppers feel more confident than others. It also pointed to research that found that 22% of women only trust friends and family to comment on an outfit over the changing room mirror.

Alex Thomas, Regional Marketing Manager, said: “One of the main reasons people come to our shopping centres is to buy clothes, whether that be a brand new wardrobe or a one off item for a special occasion. We want to ensure that everyone feels comfortable and confident when trying on clothes, so that’s why we’re trialing banning the mirrors. We hope that women in particular will try something on and feel gorgeous and glamorous! Hopefully this will be a success and we can roll it out across our shopping centres for the summer.”


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