6 Simple Organizing Tasks to Do Now Before the Holidays Hit

As fall winds down and the holidays inch closer, life is only going to get busier over the next couple of months. Between holiday parties, family gatherings, gift shopping, wrapping, and everything else, the last thing you’re going to want to think about is organizing your home. But trust me, having a space that feels tidy and put-together is going to make the upcoming busy season feel that much less chaotic and stressful.

During this in-between period as we transition from fall into full-on holiday mode, take some time to get your space in order with a few simple home organizing tasks. You’ll thank me later when you decide to host an impromptu holiday party or need to find room for all those gifts you just received. Happy organizing!


Invest in new holiday decoration storage

If you’re still shoving all your holiday decorations into one jumbled box (guilty), it’s time for a better solution. There are tons of storage containers made specifically for holiday decor that will help keep everything organized and protected throughout the year. After you unpack your decorations for the season, ditch any old storage containers that are damaged or no longer functional and invest in some better solutions. Come January, you’ll appreciate having a safe place to store all your decorations until next year.


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Make room in your closet for winter clothes

For many areas of the country, the holiday season also brings the return of cold, snowy weather. By this time of year, summer days are long gone, so if you haven’t already, move aside your warm-weather clothes to make space for warm sweaters, puffy coats, and waterproof boots. If your closet is short on space, pack up items you won’t need this winter and store them elsewhere, such as under your bed or in a separate storage area.


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Take inventory of your gift-wrapping supplies

Before you head to Target and scoop up as many gift-wrapping supplies as your arms can carry, check your stash to see what’s leftover from last year. Make sure you have plenty of wrapping paper, boxes, gift bags, ribbons, and bows to get you through the season. If you’re feeling really ambitious, set up a gift wrap storage station using a rolling cart or a behind-the-door organizer to keep all your supplies handy throughout the season.

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Declutter to make room for new items

The specific area of your home you should focus on decluttering depends on what’s on your wishlist this season. For example, if you’re a beauty guru who asked for some new products and gadgets this Christmas, now would be a good time to go through your makeup and skincare stash and pare it down to the products you actually use. Fashion girlies, clean out your closet; home chefs, tidy up your kitchen cabinets and drawers. Once you have your existing stuff all neat and orderly, you’ll have no problem finding space for all your shiny new things.


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Clear out the pantry and refrigerator

Food plays a big role in most holiday celebrations, so now is a good time to clean out your pantry and refrigerator to free up some space. Ditch any items that have expired or gone bad, then reorganize what’s left by category (such as baking supplies, breakfast items, sauces and condiments, etc.) so you know exactly where everything is. For any (not expired) pantry goods you don’t plan on using, consider donating them to a local food bank or charity organization.


Organize your holiday shopping list

OK, this isn’t technically a home organizing project, but it’s still important to do before you kick off your holiday shopping in earnest. Start by making a list of every person you need to purchase a gift for (including friends, co-workers, relatives, neighbors, and anyone else you typically buy for). Create a column where you can jot down gift ideas, then add spaces to track what you purchased, when it’s supposed to arrive, and how much you spent. Not only does this help ensure you won’t forget someone, but it also helps you create a holiday budget and stick to it.


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