Why JFK’s Grandson Is Eager to Welcome Prince William to the U.S.

This month Prince William—that is, the Duke of Cambridge—announced that the next Earthshot Prize awards ceremony, the second-ever iteration of his groundbreaking environmental prize, is set to take place in Boston this December. Now Jack Schlossberg, the grandson of the late president John F. Kennedy, has taken to social media to express his excitement at the awards’ crossing the Atlantic.

The Earthshot Prize is named in tribute to JFK, nodding to his famous “Moonshot,” when the then world leader spearheaded a huge investment of energy and resources to make America the first nation to safely land (and bring home) an astronaut on the moon. This year’s Earthshot Prize awards ceremony is being hosted by Boston, with the John F. Kennedy Library Foundation and Boston mayor Michelle Wu also acting as partners.

Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge 

Earthshot Prize

Jack Schlossberg (JFK’s grandson via his daughter, Caroline Kennedy, and her husband, Edwin Schlossberg) welcomed the news on Twitter, retweeting a post by the JFK Library Foundation and writing, “Earth shot baby!”

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