What to Know About the National May 14 Protest for Abortion Rights

We want to take to the streets, and we don’t want to go alone. And so we protest for abortion rights—as communities, as cities and towns, as families, as faith groups. This Saturday, May 14, major abortion rights protests plan to take over in every state. Expect a massive, national outcry. 

On May 2 it was reported that the Supreme Court voted to overturn , the 1973 decision that found that access to abortion is a constitutional right. It is simultaneously an emergency and a call to action. States have been limiting, banning, and even criminalizing abortion for years. But if and when Roe falls, it will be like nothing we have seen since the 1970s. States have set up “trigger laws,” such that as soon as the Supreme Court decision goes out, at least 26 states are “certain or likely” to ban abortion, according to analysis from the Guttmacher Institute.


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