Planned Parenthood Is Opening a New Clinic—In the First State to Ban Abortion After

Cori Bush was roughly 100 miles southwest of her St. Louis congressional district in the city of Rolla, campaigning not for her own re-election, which is all but guaranteed, but for abortion rights. “They partied because this state was the first,” she said to a crowd of supporters and abortion rights activists under a picnic pavilion. Missouri was the first state to ban abortion after the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade on June 24. But, she added, “we are the ones left to organize, left to galvanize, we are the ones to mobilize the community and make sure that they know that not only are we fighting and standing up for ourselves, we are standing up for our children’s children.” Nestled about midway between the cities of St. Louis and Springfield, the 20,000-person town is one of the final stops on Bush’s “Roe the Vote: Reproductive Freedom Tour”—an eight-stop get-out-the-vote campaign that wrapped up one month ahead of the midterms. It is also something of a ground zero for the next chapter in the fight to retain and restore access to reproductive health services and rights in the United States.


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