Twitter’s Going Crazy Over Skrillex, Fred Again, & Four Tet’s Coachella Set

It finally happened. Skrillex, Four Tet, and Fred Again. The Pangbourne House Mafia closed out Coachella week two.

Unfolding like a Hollywood raver scene, the trio helmed a monumental moment for dance music that will go down in history and offered an unforgettable night for everybody in attendance.

While Frank Ocean’s canceled headline set remains a fresh wound for many that purchased tickets in the hopes of catching the artist’s first live performance in six years, those that attended the first weekend were largely left disappointed.

For those that stuck around for weekend two despite any hard feelings, the trio that’s leading cross-genre dance music to the stars quickly absolved the Californian desert of negativity with a set that crossed each of the artist’s extensive discographies, with a sprinkling of mind-splitters throughout.

“Call Me Maybe?” Got it. Taylor Swift’s “Love Story?” Absolutely. “Country Riddim?” Twice, obviously. Anyone that’s caught one of his live shows knows, when Four Tet is in attendance, you’re due to be caught off guard with some meme-worthy tracks that you love deep down.

Mix that with a healthy, serotonin-boosting dose of Fred Again’s tracks that have pulled the industry into his orbit, as well as tracks from both of Skrillex’s new albums, a few unreleased tracks from an additional two albums he’s expected to drop this year, and you’ve got a set that many a calling Coachella’s best of all time.

Thanks to Youtube’s live stream of the event, fans across the world have locked in to share their reactions. It’s fair to say Twitter is on fire – rightly so, as the PHM continues to trailblaze.

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