BREAKING: Skrillex, Four Tet, & Fred Again Will Close Coachella

While debates concerning Frank Ocean’s lackluster headline performance and subsequent cancellation of his second-weekend slot rage on, Coachella has pulled out the big guns, announcing that electronic music’s Avengers, Skrillex, Four Tet, and Fred Again will be closing out the festival’s final night.

Festival season is well and truly underway. For the past week, Coachella has dominated social media as we collectively prepared for the world’s worst fashion show, caught glimpses of a few decent ‘fits, and a reminder of what we love about Frank Ocean’s music catalog.

While his first live performance in six years was less than a showstopper, pulling out a nearly identical set to the one he performed at Manchester’s Parklife in 2017 (I was fortunate enough to be there), every cloud has a silver lining.

Skrillex. Four Tet. Fred Again. I make no secret about my deep love of DnB and dubstep. As a huge fan of Skrill since 2010, his blossoming relationship with two of England’s best production talents in electronic music has been the best thing since sliced bread, and clearly, global festival circuits would agree.

This year, the trio has been doing the rounds, hitting a series of pop-up shows in London, as well as taking over MSG and Times Square, bringing in massive crowds every time.

In June alone, they’re due to perform at Primavera Sound and Parklife, with an expectation that at least one of the three (if not all) will pop up on Boomtown’s as-of-yet secret line-up.

As someone that has seen Skrillex live at Reading Festival in 2013, with a B2B with Four Tet at Warehouse Project in 2019, I can say with complete confidence that the trio taking over as Coachella’s closing act is going to be huge.

Sure, not everyone is keen on the chaos the three bring, with many unaware that Skrillex’s brostep era is long behind us, but anyone that’s headed down to the valley on Sunday should be ready for a show they’ll never forget.

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