The Sex Position to Try, Based on Your Enneagram

The first thing you’ll ever hear about sex is that there are tons of positions and that people get themselves into all kinds of weird ones. Remember thinking that sexual Twister was a thing? There are books, articles, and lists abound about hundreds of sex positions to try, but I’d be remiss to say that almost everyone I speak to says they stick to a select few with their partner and that’s about it. No shame in your game—if you and your partner are big doggy-style people (love that for you), stick to it. But if you’re ready to change it up, these are a few intriguing new positions to try, all based on your Enneagram type. 



Don’t tell me you aren’t a little turned on by the chaos and disorder of the classic “remove everything from the countertop in one fell swoop” movie move. It’s OK to admit chaos kind of gets you excited, Type One! *wink* As much as you love order and organization, Ones like to get out of their usual when it comes to sex. This tabletop position allows you to try that without throwing all of your important documents on the floor. Make space on a countertop, desk, table, or bed—get creative here; anything that’s the height of your partner’s crotch works—and allow your partner to penetrate or orally stimulate you as you lay on your back. 


Seated Wheelbarrow

Not going to lie, Twos probably have some of the best sex lives. They’re really thoughtful and caring, so they likely have their partner’s favorite positions and sexual routines down pat. To spice things up a little bit, try this position. The wheelbarrow position often requires a lot of balance and coordination, which I wouldn’t be surprised if many Twos out there have! But this one makes it a little more accessible without sacrificing the pleasure. Have your partner sit at the edge of a bed or couch, place your butt on their lap with your legs behind their body, and place your hands on the floor. They’ll probably need to hold onto your thighs to keep you stable, but this position is great for both parties to get active. 


Laying Down

Threes like their sex to be efficient and valuable for both parties. If they’re not getting off, you best believe they’re not interested, which makes this position perfect for them. Lay down on your stomach with your legs together and your hips slightly raised as your partner penetrates on top of you. If you get off from penetration, this one is great because it keeps your legs together so there’s more friction. But this position is amazing for clitoral stimulation because you can easily reach down and touch yourself while your partner penetrates you. It’s basically a 2-for-1 deal, AKA a Three’s in heaven.


Doggy-Style Oral Sex

Fours are pretty kinky in the bedroom because they know it’s a time to get out of their head and just have fun. Instead of your usual oral sex though, try this position. Just as you would get into doggy style (on all fours) for penetration, allow your partner to give you oral from the back. For one, it’s a comfortable position, so there’s that. But it also allows your partner to get into places they wouldn’t normally. If they use fingers or toys vaginally, this angle makes it much easier to get to your G-spot. Also, you’re able to touch yourself while your partner uses their mouth. H-O-T. 

This is also a good segue into oral-anal sex, which can be a great addition to your oral pleasure repertoire. 



The curiosity of a Five makes finding new sex positions pretty easy. They’re not one to turn something down; they’re always intrigued by a new idea, not to mention a Five will do basically anything for research. So next time, put the cowboy position to the test. While the traditional cowgirl position involves one partner laying down and the other straddling them through penetration, cowboy is the flip side. The one who is penetrating is on top instead. They straddle you and enter from the top. The G-spot potential is very high, and it really allows your partner to use their fingers to stimulate you at the same time. Is it better than cowgirl? Try it a couple times for the “data.” 😉 


Knees Together

Sixes can get into a routine easily, but they’re always excited to try something new when the opportunity arises. In usual Six fashion, they love sex for the relaxation and stress relief it provides at the end of their day. So why not add a little yoga into it? You know the Happy Baby yoga pose? This is that except you part your thighs enough for your partner to have access to all your bits and bobs. They’ll get a glimpse of everything (hot), and you’ll get quite the stretch in. This position is also really great for oral sex.



A Seven’s sex life is bound to be fun, as they rarely want to indulge in the same position twice. Keep this one in mind next time. The corkscrew involves one person laying down on their side with their back facing the other person while their partner is standing and penetrating them sideways (this is hard to explain, but you see the pretty picture up there). What’s fun for Sevens with this position is that it allows them to get involved too. Moving your hips slightly or matching your partner’s thrust allows you to up the ante—a job you very much enjoy. 

Reverse Cowgirl on a Chair

What else can I say except that Eights have major top energy? They like being able to create the pace, but they’re also not afraid to loosen up the reigns a little bit in the name of some pleasure. 

Instead of the usual reverse cowgirl where your partner lies on their back, this one props you both up a little by having your partner sit upright in a chair. You’ll sit backwards and back into them. This puts all the control in your hands (a dream for an Eight), so you can decide how fast, how deep, and how hard you want it. To make it a little more fun, have your partner hold your arms as they thrust up and down. A little power reversal never hurt anybody. 


Seated Oral Sex

Nines are people-pleasers, so they’ll often find themselves doing what their partner wants during sex as much as possible. It’s lovely for their partner, but they deserve a little time too! Try a seated position in which you stay seated with your legs spread apart while your partner comes from below to give oral sex. Imagine you’re sitting on the couch or a chair, and your partner sits on the floor. This allows them access to all of you, so they can try oral, finger, and toy stimulation all at once. 

This can be oral sex, but seated penetration isn’t a bad idea either. 


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