25 Thanksgiving Desserts That TikTok Is Drooling Over

The turkey recipe might be the main event, but Thanksgiving desserts close out the show. The command “Save room for dessert” was probably coined to make sure that classic staples like pumpkin pie, apple cobbler, and sweet potato pie don’t go to waste after the big meal. So it doesn’t matter how good the mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, or any of your favorite Thanksgiving side dishes taste—you always leave room for some sweets. We don’t make the rules.

And it seems TikTok agrees because there are hundreds of Thanksgiving dessert ideas perfect for any fall dinner party. Looking to make traditional favorites like pecan pie or caramel apple treats? Yeah, the social media app has recipes for that. Tired of pumpkin pie and looking for more unexpected desserts? You can find that too. 


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