Did the Lakers Reverse the Kardashian Curse?

If anyone can resist the Kardashian Curse, it’s LeBron and Anthony Davis. The Lakers are currently squeezing out a win in the NBA playoffs over the Golden State Warriors, in spite of (or perhaps thanks to) Kim Kardashian, who’s been sitting courtside for two games in a row.

Miraculously, the Lakers have thus far resisted the ill effects of the Kardashian curse, though I suppose you could argue that it shouldn’t affect them.

For context, the Kardashian Curse is, as Highsnobiety’s Sam Cole put it, “typically used to describe the perceived ‘falling off’ of celebrities after dating one of the Kardashian-Jenners.” The effect isn’t exclusive to relationships, though, as the curse recently extended to a few soccer teams that Kim Kardashian showed up to support.

It’s curious that Kim has been in attendance at any of these NBA games at all, really. She’s hardly been to any hometown team-ups at the terribly-named Crypto.com Arena despite residing in Los Angeles her entire life and it’s not entirely clear why exactly Kim is there now.

Could just be the spirit of the playoffs, in fairness, which has lured in Lakers fans ranging from Zendaya and Adele to the ever-reclusive Jack Nicholson.

Hey, the Lakers’ winning streak could be less about a reversed-Kardashian Curse and more about the Nicholson Nudge.

Still, most fans are giving Kim the nod.

Lonnie Walker IV, Lakers’ small forward, is particularly key here.

While the Warriors’ Jordan Poole has crumbled under the playoffs tension, Walker has blossomed into the Lakers’ “unlikely hero” as he dishes bucket after bucket.

Enterprising observers have unsurprisingly posited that Walker is stepping his game up so as to impress Kardashian.

Some truly egregious rumors posit that Walker and Kardashian are getting together, though I’d say we’re safe to pump the brakes there.

Still, that the fans haven’t revolted over Kim’s consistent attendance is pretty remarkable unto itself.

There a few games yet for the Kardashian Curse to rear its head but, if Kim has instead successfully inflicted the Warriors with a losing streak, it’s smooth sailing for the Lakers.

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