Welcome to the Eddie Munson Era

With his ability to excite both impassioned TikTokers making girlfriend POV videos and legendary heavy metal bands in the same breath, it’s clear that Stranger Things‘s Eddie Munson is the moment.  

Played by newcomer Joseph Quinn, Eddie appears midway through the opening episode of Stranger Things’ fourth season like a surge spike through an amp. Holding court in the high school cafeteria, flanked by his fellow Dungeons and Dragons players collectively known as The Hellfire Club, Eddie is all flowing locks and BDE. He stomps about in beat-up Reeboks and talks about society’s condemnation of kids like himself, nodding to the Satanic Panic crisis of the 1980s and the West Memphis Three’s Damien Echols, whom Eddie is loosely based on. His high-octane entrance is punctuated by his mockery of the mean jocks with a highly gif-able devil horns face, followed by exaggerated grace and an impish grin as he steps aside while two cheerleaders cross his path. “He’s so charismatic that it’s like, ‘How can you not like Eddie?” cocreator Ross Duffer asked Netflix.com.


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