From Roaches To Literal Meowing, the 2023 Met Gala Was Kinda Wild

The annual Met Gala has come and gone, leaving behind memorable looks, ‘fits we wish to forget, and a couple of chaotic highlights in between.

Seriously, the 2023 Met Gala was kind of wild, in all honestly. From meow-filled interviews to roaches as mystery guests, it’s the chaotic energy you’d expect during 2021’s camp-focused Met (refresher: this year’s theme was “Karl Lagerfeld: A Line of Beauty”).

In case you missed some of these Met Gala 2023 moments, we’ve done the honors by rounding up the wildest highlights from this year’s event. So join us as we relive them below.

The Guest of Honor: The Roach (R.I.P)

Before her untimely death, as confirmed by Variety, Miss Roach ate and left no crumbs. Her impact is forever!

Teyana Taylor’s Chic-fil-A Dinner for One

While outfitted in Thom Browne, Teyana Taylor brought her own dinner to the Met Gala: a Chic-fil-A meal complete with nuggets and fries.

Pusha T and Usher tried to stop her from being great.

Miuccia Prada Scurrying into the Met Gala

No thoughts, just Miuccia Prada quickly sliding through the red carpet — sort of like the friend who shows face for a bit but plans on leaving the function early. She’s just like me, forreal.

Doja Cat Meowing Interview

For the 2023 Met Gala, Doja Cat channeled Karl Lagerfeld’s cat Choupette while wearing Oscar de la Renta.

Naturally, the queen of nailing a theme stayed in character — meowing her responses during a brief interaction with Emma Chamberlain. Seriously, watch above.

Jared Leto in a Cat Costume

I get the vision, but still, Jared Leto’s cat suit was terrifying. Lizzo’s reaction was all of us.

A Late A$AP Rocky Using a Fan’s Head to Jump a Barricade

It’s nothing like a good (face) lift from a fan when you’re in a rush.

Prior to arriving fashionably late with Rihanna…again (they closed the 2021 Met Gala, too), A$AP Rocky hurried to get ready for the Met Gala at his hotel — using a fan’s face for a lift to jump the gate blocking off the crowd.

He did apologize, though, quoting the woman’s post-jump tweet with “LOL MY FAULT SWEETHEART.”

Relationship Hard Launches?

We know designers are often plus-ones to the celebrities they’ve dressed for the Met Gala. But I don’t think we’ve seen a duo as cozy as Matthew Williams and Gigi Hadid were.

Did they just make things Met Gala-official before our eyes? Find out next time on Dragon Ball Z.

Serena Williams’ Baby Reveal

To be clear: this wasn’t a wild moment at all. We just wanted to say: congrats Serena on your second star!

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