Jared Leto Cosplayed Karl Lagerfeld’s Cat at Met Gala 2023

Jared Leto likes to dress up as other people on the Met Gala red carpet. Remember when he twinned with Alessandro Michele at Met Gala 2022? But Leto outdid himself in the worst (or best) way for Met Gala 2023.

Meet Choupette, Karl Lagerfeld’s beloved cat. Or don’t, actually, because that’s not Choupette. That’s Jared Leto in a giant, human-sized cat suit that only vaguely looks like Choupette.

It’s too bizarre to be the best outfit and too amazing to be worst-dressed but Jared Leto’s mascot get-up is definitely up there as the most, uh, interesting Met Gala 2023 red carpet look of the night.

Leto pranced around and hugged Lizzo before revealing himself by removing the enormous cat head, which is arguably even scarier-looking than seeing an adult-sized cat scampering around the red carpet.

Unfortunately, Leto couldn’t commit to the bit. He eventually ditched the Choupette costume for a more conventional Met Gala look. Although at the afterparty, he did repurpose his giant cat head into a sort of accessory.

Arguably, the only person who did Choupette better was Doja Cat and while she served glam, Leto gave us the horrifying uncanny valley realness that no one was really asking for.

Still, at least it was memorable.

Better to have one Jared Leto in a giant cat costume than a million boring dudes in boring tuxedos.

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