Kanye’s 2024 Presidential Campaign Was Doomed From the Start

Kanye “Ye” West is still feeling the fallout of his anti-Semitic hate speech. He’s been laying low for months, low enough that the last thing that Ye wants to do is campaign for president in 2024, apparently.

Since mid-April, Ye insiders have been whispering that Ye’s 2024 presidential campaign has quietly been shelved.

The Daily Beast reported that contractors employed by Ye’s YEEZY company to work on the Ye ’24 presidential campaign, as Ye’s platform is called, have had nothing to do since late 2022.

“I just want to be left alone,” Ye apparently told the man hired to film a Ye ’24 documentary (unrelated to other forthcoming Ye documentary).

“[Ye’s] interests are focused on his children, family, and creative endeavors,” an anonymous source told TDB. “Anyone that is representing Ye in any political capacity is a charlatan. There is no political shop.”

The Ye24 website remains operational, however, and updated its homepage image as recently as April 14.

Furthermore, searching Ye24 on Twitter brings up a vast collective of unrepentant white nationalists, neo-Nazis, and anti-Semites, indicative of the crack team that Ye assembled to craft his 2024 campaign.

Bigots like Holocaust denier Nick Fuentes (to whom Ye paid over $30,000), transphobe Candace Owens, and perpetual loser Milo Yiannopoulos (to whom Ye reportedly paid over $50k) formed Ye’s 2024 presidential advisory squad.

It’s actually quite difficult to find enough descriptors of these people’s discriminatory speech — racism, homophobia, targeted harassment, hatred of basically everyone who isn’t a white, straight, Christian man — but you get the idea.

Amidst much in-fighting and squabbling, they pushed the already unstable Ye further towards out-and-out anti-Semitism, to the delight of Fuentes’ extremist niche.

Ye also secured disastrous interviews with the likes of far-right hate peddler Tucker Carlson and stalwart conspiracy crackpot Alex Jones.

Carlson’s program attempted to edit out much of Ye’s hate speech while Jones’ ineptitude led to several viral outbursts, equal parts cringey and vile.

Since being dropped by business partners like GAP, Demna’s Balenciaga, and adidas (unless the rumors of an adidas YEEZY reunion are true) in October 2022, Ye has mostly kept to himself.

For instance, Ye secretly married a former YEEZY employee, Bianca Censori, who’s seemingly unbothered by Ye’s baseless hatred of Jews.

Ye has also decamped from his rotting Malibu mansion into a $2,000-per-night hotel, so determined to avoid paparazzi that he nearly attacked a woman who was filming Ye and Censori from afar (no charges were filed).

Ye announced his 2024 presidential run around the same time that his attempt to cobble together a 2020 presidential campaign collapsed from mismanagement and lack of structure.

Not a big surprise that Ye’s 2024 presidential campaign would follow suit.

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