Even the Met Gala Can’t Resist the Ice Spice Effect

Seriously, how can Ice Spice lose if she’s already been chose — by the Met Gala, at that? For those unfamiliar with the musician’s caption-worthy lyric, listen to “Bikini Bottom” for reference.

Amazingly, Ice Spice — real name Isis Gaston — made the star-studded guest list for fashion’s biggest night out, the Met Gala 2023, and she’s apparently being dressed by Balmain, no less.

Ice Spice’s invite is sort of wild when you think about it (and I mean this in a good way). The musician rose quickly rose to fame in 2022 after her song “Munch” took off as a viral hit across social media.

A year later, and she’s already secured a Met invite? Kind of iconic, if you ask me.

The Met Gala wouldn’t be her first major fashion invite. The musician owned New York Fashion Week, appearing front row at presentations like Coach and Dion Lee.

In addition to the internet shipping her with Pete Davidson and a linkup with North West, Ice Spice also secured chart-topping tracks with PinkPantheress (“Boy’s a liar, Pt. 2”) and Nicki Minaj (“Princess Diana”).

Of course, the Met Gala rumor naturally spawned divisive conversations. Some believe her personal style — body-hugging silhouettes with Y2K flair — isn’t ready for the Met Gala. Others are more than here for the musician securing the invite that many can only dream of.

Love it or hate it, it looks like we’ll be seeing Ice Spice — as she might say — “in ha [Met Gala] mood” tonight.

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