The Details of the Oklahoma Abortion Ban Are Horrifying 

A new Oklahoma abortion ban is a futuristic nightmare of government control of women’s bodies, made real. This law, which comes in the wake of the news that the Supreme Court has voted to overturn , is one of the most restrictive in the country. 

To know how sinister and scary this Oklahoma law really is, consider this: The law bans abortions at the point of “fertilization,” which it defines as “the fusion of a human spermatozoon with a human ovum.” Previously, Oklahoma had banned abortions at six weeks—a point when most women do not know they’re pregnant. Now the state has banned abortion at the point when by definition the pregnant person cannot know they are pregnant. The only exceptions to the law are in cases of rape or incest, or to save the life of the pregnant woman—exceptions that are increasingly rare in abortion legislation. In all other ways, this is a sweeping forced birth law. 


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