Yeah… Travis Scott’s Discography is Pretty Damn Impressive

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We’ve come to expect nothing but the best songs from Travis Scott, who has given us five La Flame emoji quality projects in the past years, with no signs of slowing down. Travis blew up on the solo scene in 2013 with the many bangers of Owl Pharaoh, including the rowdy rager “Upper Echelon” and the hyped intro “Bad Mood/Shit On You.”

His debut studio album Rodeo didn’t disappoint either, giving us some of the best tracks in his catalog – with “Oh My / Dis Side” featuring classic ad-libs from Migo’s Quavo, and “90210” with melodic vibes from Kacy Hill. Then came his most polished work yet, Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight. If the reception to BTSM is any indicator, his skills were ever-increasing.

This brings us to AstroWorld. His fifth studio album, which dropped in 2018, was another major feat for the Houston rapper showcasing some of the most interesting productions of his career, as well as some of his best songs. “SICKO MODE” became an instant classic as soon as the first beat switch hit, “NO BYSTANDERS” is now the go-to mosh pit song at his shows, and “YOSEMITE” is the spiracular western journey we didn’t know we needed.

So what is the best Travis Scott song? Let’s take a look back at all the heat La Flame has given us over the years.

This is our top 22 Travis Scott songs of all time


This is a Travis Scott deep cut and arguably one of the most important songs in his discography. But yes, if I am being real, this song is just ok. The tumblr video collage aesthetic and heavy Kanye influences didn’t really age well. However, small characteristics of the track, like the beat switch at the end of the song, have gone on to become a reoccurring trend in Travis Scott’s music. What truly makes this song special is that the music video got Travis Scott signed to Ye. Legend has it that Kanye’s DJ at the time came across the video and sent it over to the Chicago rapper while they were working on the Cruel Summer Compilation Album. Immediately upon seeing it, Kanye flew out Travis, and the rest is history. It needs to be on this list.


Owl Pharoh Travis Scott was unpolished. Though Owl Pharaoh has some impressive ideas, it lacks a cohesive style and identity. The burgeoning rapper was still very much a freshman. However, things were different on track “Quintana”. Here we get a glimpse at a hard-hitting banger filled with a stunning production, those now-beloved adlibs, and a bit of auto-tunning crooning. Plus, the second half of the track includes one of my all-time favorite beat switch-ups.


If HBO doesn’t include Scott’s “Yosemite” in Westworld, what’s even the point? The album standout is filled with airy flutes and western twangs that paints a dreamlike earthy tone very represented of the fictional theme park in the HBO show. The official music video for the single offers the same vibe.

This song takes you on a journey, and Gunna shines as its guide, delivering an effortlessly smooth hook that’s very reminiscent of his flow on “Sold Out Dates.” If you’re looking for an escape when you pop your AirPods in, “Yosemite” is a perfect choice.

19. “First Take”

Travis Scott and Bryson Tiller deliver a sleeper hit with “First Take.” The Houston rapper shows us his vulnerable side; opening up about a relationship with a woman who he cannot be without, despite getting played by her. Bryson similarly details a woman only interested in his money, despite his love for her going much deeper than material wealth. Love is complex, and even the rap rockstar falls victim to the dark side of love. We need more of this vulnerable Scott in the future, and can we please get more collaborations between these two?

18. “Beibs in the Trap”

Initially, fans thought Justin Bieber was on the track, which made sense considering his feature on “Maria I’m Drunk.” However  Scott’s “beibs” refer to cocaine, continuing the longstanding tradition of using the names of white celebrities as euphemisms for the drug. Produced by the XO affiliate NAV, “Beibs in the Trap” is yet another certified club banger.

17. “Upper Echelon”

Is there a more explosive hook in Scott’s catalog than on “Upper Echelon?” Tip certainly holds his own, while 2 Chainz explores “Versace heaven,” but Trav’s cadence, and the repeated “Straight up!” and “That dope!” ad-libs take center stage. It’s hard not to want to look for the nearest mosh pit after hearing “We so high, upper echelon (Straight up!)” For many fans, this was their introduction to Travis Scott. Not a bad first impression.

16. “Maria I’m Drunk”

“Maria, I’m Drunk” is late night “you up?” text music. Thugger’s slur rap style fits perfectly with the drunken piano sample as Justin Bieber breaks necks with a surprising verse about wanting to “see what that booty do” during a late night in the studio. The song is riddled with great moments from all three, and will surely entice you to shoot your shot next time you leave the club.

15. “Through the Late Night”

Thanks to Kid Cudi’s musical influence on Scott, “Through the Late Night” sounds like a beautiful sequel or spin-off to the classic “Day N’ Night.” Cudi’s signature hum, which deserves its own section in the National Museum of African American History & Culture, serves as the best instrument to the song as Travis plays a strong supporting role next to his idol.

14. “Quintana Pt. 2”

Like its predecessor, “Quintana Pt. 2” brings the same finessing theme to Days Before Rodeo. Swapping out Wale for T.I., the King of the South drops a stellar Trap Muzik-esque verse sandwiched between this dual-sided anthem. Like most of Scott’s two-part tracks, the single shifts rapidly between slow and fast tempo beats with ease. By song’s end, your ears will feel satisfied as it wraps into a sonic package with a side of autotune-infused flexing.

13. “Skyfall”

Travis and Young Thug can do no wrong. Throw in Metro Boomin on production and you have a big three that could overthrow the Golden State Warriors. Contrary to popular belief, this “get high anthem” isn’t one at all. “Skyfall” is actually thematically aimed at older artists who fall off and lose the ability to connect with the younger generation. However, it’s hard not to surrender your mind into a euphoric state after hearing one of Scott’s best hooks, singing, “The sky keep on fallin’, the drugs I keep callin’. They keep pickin’ up for me, they love me.”

Also, Thugger’s verse is one of the best of his career, #ChangeMyMind.

12. “No Bystanders”

When Travis Scott is performing he doesn’t want anyone standing around at his concerts. He wants his fans to mosh out, dance, and most importantly rage. His Astroworld banger “NO BYSTANDERS” signifies that message: rage or go home.

Collaborating with the late Juice WRLD, the single is massively explosive and energetic thanks to a roaring Sheck Wes chorus, “Fuck the club up, fuck the club up (Bitch!)” “NO BYSTANDERS” is easily the most exciting track on the album, and will be a crowd favorite at future concerts.

11. “Way Back”

Scott’s ability to create two-part songs shines throughout “Way Back.” The first part is a more uptempo trap vibe that slowly transitions into a melodic flow. With assisted vocals from Kid Cudi, it’s hard skipping this track when it comes up. You’ll also never find another hit that successfully name drops James Harden, OJ Simpson, Coldplay, and Michael Phelps all on the same song. Underrated.

10. “Don’t Play”

The louder you play this, the better it sounds. Co-produced with Vinylz & Rhitter,  “Don’t Play” features hard hitting 808 kicks, snappy claps, and snares and a smooth vocal sample from The 1975’s track “M.O.N.E.Y.” Add that with phenomenal verses from Scott and Big Sean, and you’ve got yourself an instant banger!

9. “Mamacita”

Have Travis Scott and Young Thug ever made a bad song together? Either way, their undeniable chemistry soars on “Mamacita” as they welcome us into their world of drugs, sex, partying, and debauchery. Rich Homie Quan’s relationship with Trav and Thug has since dissolved, but his contributions on this track shouldn’t go unnoticed either. Quan going verse for verse with Thugger over a menacing hard hitting distorted guitar strum and bass line is mind-numbingly brilliant.

8. “Pick Up the Phone”

“Pick Up The Phone” is a glow-up checkpoint for all three artists involved. Young Thug provides his usual hyperactive verse full of wordplay and vocal contortion over an aqueous and hypnotic beat. Travis delivers a fantastic hook while Quavo closes out with another great verse. It’s easily Scott’s most laid back banger and a stand out in Scott’s deep catalog.

7. “Goosebumps”

Easily on of the best bangers of 2017, “Goosebumps” solidifies Travis as a pro hit maker. He may not be the best rapper in the game, but the way he captives you with just pure sound and his signature ad-libs “YAH” and “IT’S LIT!” are magical.

6. “3500”

The evolution of “Upper Echelon” comes in the form of “3500,” another fantastic bit of trap that bleeds into the mainstream sounds with razor sharp production and a very, very loud beat. Lyrically, “3500” is like a designer drug; Travis and friends bring their A-games with verses fully devoted to flexing and partying. Maybe that’s why you can’t tell whether he’s saying “$3,500 for the coat,” or “$3,500 for the coke.” Either way works according to him, and we get an undeniable banger in the process.

5. “Drugs You Should Try It”

You’ll never want to try drugs more after listening to track four on Days Before Rodeo. This is essentially a drug-induced 808s & Heartbreak track with some signature Travis trap blending well with an electric guitar. Through this chilled, laid back beat, he opens up about falling in love while experiencing the side effects of being high. This track showcases how versatile Scott can be musically, a skill that continues to serve him well.

4. “Antidote”

Although the song wasn’t slated to appear on the rapper’s debut studio album Rodeo, “Antiode” went on to become one of his best songs to date. With over 200 million views, it’s also his most popular song on YouTube. “Antidote” is the perfect blend of all things we love about Scott’s music: the trap, the grunge, the ad-libs, and a phenomenal beat by WondaGurl, it’s an easy hit. It’s a song for the real ragers, as fans collectively shout “Poppin pills is all we know!” during a wild night out.

3. “90210”

God this song is so good. From the auto-crooning that Travis is known for is at its peak to the melodic contrast of Kacy Hill’s heavenly vocals, the track creates such a fantastic balance of sweet and savory. “90210”  also melds Scott’s past and present together as one as he sings about his life in LA at the beginning.

Then there’s the dynamic beat change midway through, adding sharp punching drums as Travis finally starts to rap about personal relationships with his parents and grandmother dealing with his success. The change in vocal delivery along with the production represents the clarity he has achieved with his fame. The transition from dark and grimy to light and bouncy is next level and helps solidify Scott as a musical icon.


“Sicko Mode” is easily a strong contender for 2018’s songs of the year and one of Scott’s best. The hard-hitting single off of Astroworld is a beer flight filled with bangers delivering small, but monstrous servings of club-heavy beats and strong, catchy verses from Travis and Drake. With an all-star Avengers lineup of Drake, Swae Lee, Tay Keith, Hit-Boy, and Cubeatz helping on the production side, Travis was able to craft the ultimate “its lit!” song for fans to party to for years to come.

1. “Oh My / Dis Side”

“Oh My / Dis Side” goes from speeding on the highway during rush hour to a chill slow drive by the ocean at night. The track is best of both worlds. The production on “Oh My” is an instant banger, with a guitar heavy slapper that slowly transitions into a beautifully relaxing R&B sample melody. It features sensational adlibs from Quavo, who adds so much charisma without even having a verse. As soon as you hear – “I’m counting up nothing but Benjamin’s right now (Money!)” – you’re instantly pressing repeat.


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