Why Was A$AP Rocky In a Rush to Get to the Met Gala?

Let no one stand before A$AP Rocky as he prepares for the 2023 Met Gala. Worry about the best-dressed and worst-dressed celebrities later — first, Rocky’s gotta get to the red carpet.

In a jaw-dropping video captured by someone viewing the livestream of entrances and exits from The Mark Hotel — where most celebrities stay prior to attending the Met Gala — A$AP Rocky literally leapt off of an onlooker’s face to get to the front door.

Hey, what’re you gonna do when there’s a million people and photographers hanging out in front of your hotel and you’re in a hurry?

Rihanna’s already gotten the Met Gala 2023 ball rolling so, apparently, A$AP Rocky’s gotta get a move on. Sorry to whoever was in his in way!

Rude. Truly. That’s celebrities for you.

Hopefully the woman’s glasses weren’t permanently damaged. Rocky, for his part, seemed entirely unapologetic, even after the woman and her friend — both initially pretty irritated and deservedly so — recognized the gatecrasher.

At the 2023 Met Gala, alongside an egg-shaped Rihanna cocooned inside a million flowers and what’s reportedly over $25 million Cartier jewels, A$AP Rocky debuted an almost shockingly understated red carpet look, one that’s far less in-your-face than when he went blankey mode with ERL a few years back.

Rocky’s look is a direct reference to one specific outfit that Karl wore, however, an outfit that several other guys had attempted to reference with their Met Gala looks but only Rocky really nailed, jeans and all.

It’s still not a super interesting A$AP Rocky outfit, all things considered, given that he basically wears the same thing on a weekly basis and he’s been known to wear skirts from time to time.

But it is what it is. Hopefully the woman who inadvertently gave Rocky a boost as he headed to put it on feels at least somewhat satisfied knowing that she played at least some small role in getting him to the Met on time.

Oh wait, Rocky and Rihanna coasted up to the red carpet nearly an hour after everyone else had deserted the event.

So why the hell was in such a hurry?

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