The Met Gala Brought Kim Kardashian & Pete Davidson Back Together

Leave it to the Met Gala to bring Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson back together again. Wait, for clarity: the two aren’t back in a relationship again (hopefully); they just reunited during the major fashion event.

The 2023 Met Gala went down on May 1, prompting appearances from celebs like Davidson and Kardashian, who was indeed invited despite hearsay.

Davidson wore a Fendi ensemble contributing to the safe menswear looks of the evening. Meanwhile, Kardashian appeared in custom Schiaparelli decked out in pearls — which many believe was a nod to her Playboy cover from 2007.

The two had a brief run-in at the Met, with Usher also present (Thank God for Usher).

Judging by photos, things seem to be A-okay between Kardashian and Davidson, who were all smiles during their reunion. After all, they are friends.

Davidson and Kardashian’s breakup — which came last August — wasn’t bad or anything. According to sources, the two’s busy schedules just made it hard for them to maintain a relationship.

Davidson and Kardashian’s flame sparked shortly after her Saturday Night Live appearance in 2021. After a couple of sneaky links and Kardashian looking for some BDE post-divorce from Ye, the two made things Instagram-official in March 2022.

Following a couple of cringe-y tattoo odes and enduring harassment from Ye (formerly Kanye West), Kardashian and Davidson called it quits after just nine months.

Davidson has since moved on, removing his Kim branding and now dating Bodies Bodies Bodies co-star Chase Sui. Kardashian, on the other hand, isn’t linked to anyone at the moment — she’s just cursed football and potentially American Horror Story next.

Now, the Met has brought the exes face-to-face again. I want to remind you that the two took on the Met steps as a couple of last year, closing the red carpet and giving us nothing in the process. Though, Kardashian’s Marilyn Monroe dress had social media riled up for a few days.

A little note to the celebs out there: If you’re not on good terms with a famous ex, you might want to steer clear of the Met for a chance encounter.

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