Meghan Markle Cast Her Vote…for Style

Sorry, Britain. We won the Revolutionary War and Meghan Markle stole your prince to boot. That’s right, Democracy rules; monarchy drools. Yes, I’m aware people vote in the UK. But we did it first and better. U-S-A! U-S-A!

To encourage her fellow Americans to GOTV this midterm election, the Duchess of Sussex shared an “I Voted” picture and a short, informative post on her and Harry’s site, Archewell. And of course, she’s in perfect West Coast preppy style. Since it’s been a bit rainy in SoCal, Markle opted for a dark blue slicker over a gray knit sweater and a baseball cap bearing her company’s logo. The most important accessory, of course, is the red and blue “I Voted” sticker affixed to her chest. Look how happy she is to participate in the democratic process! We should all do that.

courtesy Archewell

You might be wondering whether Markle voted early, absentee, or in person at a polling place, and I can tell you with pretty much 100% certainty that she cast her ballot by mail some time before today. First of all, if Megs had rolled up to a local Montecito polling place, either today or during the early-voting period, I would have seen a tweet about it. Second, I’m pretty sure that’s a used sticker. But who can say for sure? (I vote by mail in California and I get a sticker that does not indicate I voted by mail, but does indicate I voted in San Francisco’s election, so I’m not sure what the process is in Meghan Markle’s district. You can see my sticker, affixed to my cat, here.)

In any case, good for her!


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