Gwyneth Paltrow Responds to Backlash Over Her Controversial ‘Wellness Routine’

Gwyneth Paltrow wants to set the record straight on her controversial “wellness routine.”

Earlier this week Paltrow went viral on TikTok for an appearance on Dear Media’s The Art of Wellness. While hooked up to an IV, the 50-year-old actor described her diet as a mix of intermittent fasting and paleo, specifically highlighting coffee in the morning, bone broth at lunch, and “lots of vegetables” at dinner. 

“It’s really important for me to support my detox,” she said, leading some viewers to wonder, “Detox from what?

Many were also concerned that impressionable viewers might try to adopt this restrictive diet. “What’s being described in this video is disordered eating,” one Twitter user wrote. “It’s dangerous. It’s deadly. More so than fatness will ever be. It’s okay for us to expect more from those holding social power. No one is exempt.” 


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