The Most Popular Baby Names of 2023 So Far

Ah, baby names. If you’re pregnant or planning on having a child, you’re probably thinking long and hard about the perfect moniker for your little one. And even if you’re not expecting, it can be fun to imagine what you might want to name your offspring in the future. If you’ve got your heart set on a really unique baby name, it can be helpful to find out what everyone else is calling their little ones (so you can copy or avoid). It’s also handy to know which names are fast falling out of fashion.

The life insurance team at Comparethemarket analyzed data from the Office for National Statistics in the United Kingdom to find out the names that have fallen out of favor in recent years across the pond. It turns out, Varsha and Arun experienced the greatest decline in popularity since 2011. Varsha saw the greatest decline for girls abroad (-100%) while Arun declined the most for boys (-67%). Previously well-loved names Lucy and Chloe also experienced a significant decline in popularity in the UK, with both being used over 70% less than they were in 2011.


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