Après Ski? More Like Après Met

It’s that time of year again. May 1 marked not only the first day of the month, but the first Monday of May, better known as Met Gala Monday.

Fashion’s biggest night out saw the usual parade of best and not-so-best looks from those who braved the red carpet. Even still, the evening was far from over — we still had the second round of events: the afterparties.

In the heart of New York’s Financial District — a desert of ugly, abrupt buildings buildings — sleekly-dressed New Yorkers quietly formed a queue shortly before 11PM, patiently awaiting entry into the anticipated “Après Met” afterparty.

And understandably so: major names like Renell Medrano, Emily Ratajowski, Raül López, Paloma Elsesser, and Carlos Nazario were the hosts for the event.

Meanwhile, Met Gala attendees finished off their last rounds of cocktails before heading out for the night once more.

Located on the 28th floor of the WSA building, the venue was packed out by midnight with as many VIPs as there were your typical partygoers — a feat considering the large size of the space.

Bouclé couches and purple lighting abounded. DJ Jimmy Vivendii and Mazurbate moved a more-than-willing crowd to delightful mixes. Jared Leto’s oversized, insanely realistic cat head made its way around the dance floor.

As the night carried into the wee hours of the morning, servers generously swapped their platter offerings from espresso martinis to hydrating glasses of cold water – a gentle reminder that some of us would be waking up for would be logging on for work in a couple of hours.

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