Sunday Resets Aren’t for Me—Here’s the Weekly Routine That Actually Works for My Schedule

A few months back, it seemed like every time I logged onto TikTok, I was greeted with video after video singing the praises of a Sunday reset. The videos were all pretty similar: an influencer decked out in an adorable matching lounge set talking us through everything she does on Sunday to prepare for the week ahead. This could include any sort of productive task imaginable, from cleaning to meal prepping to the infamous “everything shower.” I was immediately mesmerized.

So, as I sat on my sofa one Sunday afternoon aimlessly scrolling through video after video, I convinced myself I could be a Sunday reset girlie, too. Reader, it did not go well—for a few key reasons. Allow me to explain why:


Why Sunday Resets Don’t Work for Me


It took the spontaneity out of Sundays

Over the past few years, Sundays have become one of my favorite days of the week. Instead of letting the crippling anxiety of Sunday scaries take hold, I’ve embraced the day as one that’s free from expectations. Sundays are a day just for me. That means I can meet friends for an outdoor brunch one Sunday and spend the next Sunday alone relaxing at home and be perfectly happy with either.

The pressure of trying to be a Sunday reset person changed that for me. Instead of enjoying the freedom of agreeing to a last-minute coffee meetup with friends, I spent the whole time stressing over the long list of chores waiting for me at home. And when I did stay home, I felt the need to start tackling my to-do list the second I woke up. Long gone were the quiet, slow Sunday mornings and flexible routine.


Source: Bridget Mallon


It gave me an excuse to let chores pile up

A hard truth I’ve come to accept about myself: I will put off chores, menial tasks—really anything that doesn’t immediately spark joy any chance I get. Knowing that I was supposed to tackle a full list of chores on Sunday basically gave me permission to not do any cleaning or organizing throughout the week. Instead of loading the dishwasher after every meal, I let dishes pile up in the sink while promising myself I’d do them on Sunday. Instead of dumping my daily LaCroix cans in the recycling bin every evening, I left them scattered around my apartment. I began tossing the outfits I wore throughout the week on the dreaded clothes chair in my bedroom instead of in the hamper. In short, I let my entire apartment turn into a mess.


Doing a full weekly reset in one day can be overwhelming

Unsurprisingly, that mess felt utterly impossible to tackle when Sunday rolled around. Instead of the aesthetic Sunday reset videos that captured my attention on TikTok, my day started with decision paralysis as I tried to decide which chore to do first. When I finally started on one thing, I would get bored easily and switch to something else. Getting one thing done felt impossible, let alone a full list of things.

Most Sundays ended with me deciding whatever I did get done was “good enough” and promising myself the following week would be different. Two months of Sundays passed like this until I gave myself permission to admit that Sunday resets just don’t work for me.


Source: Bridget Mallon


The Weekly Reset Routine I Follow Instead

So, I decided to rebrand Sunday resets into something more digestible for me. I now focus on mini-resets throughout the week, with different days dedicated to different chores. Here’s a glimpse into my usual routine:

  • Sundays: clean out expired or old food from the fridge and take care of any recycling
  • Tuesdays: do laundry
  • Thursdays: weekly grocery trip
  • Daily: wash dirty dishes and make my bed

Then, as other chores come up, I fit them into my schedule where I can instead of saving everything for Sunday. This method has just the right amount of structure for me, while still allowing me the flexibility to change things up as needed.

As for my habit of watching Sunday reset videos? Well, I still enjoy them from time to time, but as a casual viewer, not someone trying to implement the method into her own life.


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