This Just Might Be the Most Epic Chair of Every Gamer’s Dreams

Herman Miller Just Dropped the Sleek and Innovative Vantum Gaming Chair to Maximize Your Gaming Performance

This Just Might Be the Most Epic Chair of Every Gamer’s Dreams

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Think fast — what’s the worst thing that happens to you while you’re gaming? (Besides making 100 attempts before you finally beat that expert-level boss.) If your answer is all the aches and pains you feel after just a couple hours of playing, then we have two things to say to you: 1. Hi, millennials! And 2. You’re in the right place.

Whether you’re an aspiring pro gamer gearing up for the next big esports tournament, or a more casual gamer who likes to unwind by diving into your favorite virtual worlds in your free time, the new Vantum Gaming Chair from Herman Miller will make a serious upgrade to your gaming setup. (Or — hint hint — an epic gift for your favorite gamer this holiday season!)

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Known for their high-end, inventive office furniture and home furnishings, Vantum is Herman Miller’s first chair created specifically for gamers. All of the company’s chairs are designed with supportive ergonomics and comfort in mind, but Vantum combines the best of performance, design and versatility so you can keep up your gaming habit for hours on end without your limbs going numb. (Which is, undeniably, the worst side effect of gaming too hard.)

That lack of movement and buildup of pressure when you game in inferior chairs not only takes a toll on your body, but on your focus too. Fortunately, Herman Miller has put in the work to make Vantum the sleek and innovative solution of every gamer’s dreams.

Vantum Is Simply Made Different

Partnered with Logitech G, Herman Miller has conducted extensive research to develop superior gaming furniture that maximizes your gaming performance and helps you avoid injuries as you play. Vantum, in particular, provides superior ergonomic support and adjustability between both active and passive modes.

The passive, reclined posture is ideal for when you’re streaming your favorite entertainment or browsing the web. But, the active setting is where the chair really shines. It naturally positions your body in a forward, active and upright posture for enhanced gaming. This allows you to tap into the anatomical loop, which redistributes energy from your feet to your head so you can function with faster reaction times and increased focus. (So, you know, maybe it’ll take you a couple dozen fewer attempts to hit that super-hard checkpoint. Maybe.)

Vantum is also made with Herman Miller’s patented PostureFit® device which mimics the standing position (aka the body’s strongest posture) with ideal support for both the lumbar and sacrum — the lowest point of your spine. Even better, Vantum is the first gaming chair to provide a thoracic support pad for your upper back, neck and head when you’re reclining. It even has a tilt adjustment with numeric feedback so you can find the perfect angle for your comfort and support. Combined with the adjustable headrest, the design allows for more natural cervical spine curvature, unlike a head pillow that places undue pressure on the neck.

Last but definitely not least, Vantum boasts breathable, flexible cushioning and exclusive suspension material that distributes pressure appropriately whether you’re in the upright or reclining position, allowing for optimal balance and blood flow. In other words, that’s a fancy way of saying that it’s designed to prevent your derrière from falling asleep and your fingers from getting that pins-and-needles tingling as you play. And, let’s be real, that’s the holy grail of a great gaming chair — even though it goes unachieved so often in models far inferior to the Vantum.

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