Colleen Hoover Isn’t Sure How She Became TikTok’s Favorite Writer, But She’s Enjoying the Ride

Colleen Hoover will (metaphorically) rip out your heart and stomp on it a thousand times. She’ll then hand it back to you and request a five-star rating. And you’ll give it to her. After all, it is her expertly crafted words that shattered your heart in the first place. She’s earned it.

A best-selling author with a full-length movie in the works and over two dozen books to her name, Hoover’s path to success was completely unexpected. While she’s always wanted to be a writer, making the dream come true never seemed feasible. “I didn’t think it was a realistic career once I had children to feed, so I switched gears and got a degree in social work,” she tells Glamour. “It wasn’t until I was 31 when I started writing for fun that it actually turned into something.”


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