424’s Guillermo Andrade Has Big Plans For MLS

Earlier this month Major League Soccer (MLS) announced the appointment of 424 founder Guillermo Andrade as its first-ever creative advisor for the Leagues Cup which kicks off later this year.

The role will see Andrade “create and consult on cultural and storytelling opportunities that sit at the intersection of soccer, fashion, art and design,” for the competition which kicks off in July 2023.

The cup itself is embarking on a new format this year too, with 47 clubs (18 from Mexico’s LIGA MX and 29 from MLS) playing in a World Cup-style tournament which will be documented in three-part Apple TV documentary.

On the whole, statistically MLS is in the best shape it’s ever been. According to a recent study, 2022 saw more fans attend games than ever before with a record attendance of more than 10 million across the entire season, with teams like Atlanta United FC, Charlotte FC, and Seattle Sounders averaging more than 30,000 fans per match.

For Andrade, the founder and creative director of Los Angeles-based streetwear label 424, his new role at MLS is an opportunity to not only amplify the growing power of North American soccer, but the chance to share his own story too.

Born in Guatemala City, Guatemala, Andrade immigrated to California at the age of nine where he discovered soccer and immediately fell in love. “I’m coming in to tell the story of the Leagues Cup in alignment with my story, with two separate countries coming together to celebrate football,” Andrade tells Highsnobiety.

“I want to tell the story of my life and my love affair with soccer, through products and content. When I came to the states, football was so much further back than where it is now,” he continued. “I’m excited at where it is today and the growth I’ve seen. This is a celebration of soccer in the States.”

As the founder of one of LA’s most renowned streetwear boutiques 442 on Fairfax, there’s no denying the designer’s clout when it comes to creating products. However, while one of the goals will, of course, be to sell products at stadiums and through third-party retailers, it’s also to engage new fans.

For Andrade — who describes himself as a “cultural translator” between soccer and fashion — it all starts with creating an unforgettable Leagues Cup experience.

“We want people to take away a unique experience and have it be an unforgettable tournament with a new approach,” Andrade explains when I ask him his goal.

“Whether that’s through the merchandise, the strategic partnerships, or the storytelling, I want it to be remembered as the first of many great tournaments, with an experience to match. Then there will be a range of products that are both stylish and accessible to all.”

Since founding 424 in 2014, Andrade has become an icon in the Los Angeles streetwear scene with his work across fashion often spilling over into music and wider sub-cultures. It’s this experience and know-how, alongside his own story, according to David Bruce, MLS Senior VP, Brand and Integrated Marketing, that makes him the perfect designer for the job.

“We’ve seen sports and fashion mix before for more product-focused deliverables, but Guillermo’s role is a little more-encompassing than that, which is what makes this partnership so special,” explains Bruce.

“Guillermo has a story many people can connect with. His arrival in the US, his drive, determination, and creativity is a story so many people can relate to. It’s a story authentically set in parallel with the game itself.”

While it’s unclear exactly what the products will look like at this stage, it’s safe to say that the MLS’ entrance into the world of fashion is in safe hands under the guise of Andrade. And if the Leagues Cups’ story is going to be anything like that of either the designer or North American soccer on the whole, it’s going to be big.

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