Mercedes-Benz’s 500,000th G-Class Is Nice & Old (In Spirit)

Mercedes-Benz just hit a major milestone, as the luxury car company unveiled its 500,000th G-Class unit after welcoming the first 44 years ago. Sheesh.

The 500,000th vehicle is naturally a goodie infused with the spirit of an oldie. To be more specific, the one-off G-Class — yep, that’s one-of-a-kind — boasts an impressive vintage look, drawing design inspiration from early models like 1986 280 GE.

For starters, the half-millionth G-Class is realized in a tasteful agave green, which, as some Mercedes-Benz fans might remember, is one of the first few paint jobs that the G-Class received.

On the inside of the anniversary model, retro flair rests in the details. For example, the turn signals appear in an amber orange, as a nod to the shade used in the 1970s vehicles.

There are also checkered fabric seats and a 5-spoke sterling silver wheel. While subtle branding is stamped on the rear door, the passenger side’s grab handle receives a “No. 500,000” in the car’s green hue.

Of course, the anniversary G-Class still fosters that iconic G-Class character, evident with the traditional exposed extra wheel on the back and the overall clear-cut, unmistakable silhouette of the off-road vehicle.

Fresh off a coveted collabs with Virgil Abloh and A$AP Rocky, the luxury car company is now approaching its 45th production anniversary in 2024, with plans to launch its all-electric G-Class vehicle in honor of the production milestone.

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