23 Books by Latinx Authors to Read This Month and Beyond

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Approximately 95% of published American novels from 1950 to 2018 were written by white authors, even though white people account for only 60% of the population. And in the publishing industry itself, only 6% identify as Latinx across various fields that include executive level positions, editorial staff, sales, and literary agents. The numbers are even lower for people of Black, Indigenous, and Middle Eastern descent.

Even with the push toward more inclusive hiring practices and concerted efforts across the publishing industry to buy more manuscripts by authors of color, those same writers have been told publishers don’t know how to market their novels. So this Latinx Heritage Month, Glamour urges you to make a concerted effort to support books written by Latinx authors. All are available through large commercial retailers like Amazon—but if you are able to take it a step further, you can also purchase from a Black- or Latinx-owned independent bookstore. 


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