Olympian Chloe Kim Says ‘Taking Care of Yourself Is as Daring as It Gets’

At 22, Chloe Kim is the first—and only!—woman to win multiple Olympic gold medals in the snowboarding halfpipe. While that is a huge accomplishment, Kim also made an impact off the slopes when she announced she was taking the 2022-2023 season off to prioritize her mental health after a draining year.  

For showing the world it’s okay to set boundaries, Kim was honored with the Daring to Disrupt Award at the Glamour Women of the Year ceremony on Tuesday, November 1. Olympian Sunisa Lee was on hand to present Kim with her award. “Chloe can tell you: your life changes overnight when you win a gold medal,” Lee told the crowd. “It feels amazing to realize a dream you’ve had since you were a little kid, especially when you’ve worked so hard to achieve it. But the Olympics themselves are intense! You’re far from the comforts of your home pushing your body and mind to the max, with the global spotlight shining on you. And then everyone in the world has something to say on social media—and as we all know, their words aren’t always kind.”


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