Cracking an Egg on Your Kid’s Head for TikTok Clout Isn’t Cute

In the social media economy, attention is currency. Even if it comes at the expense of your kids.

The egg crack challenge is the latest craze sweeping TikTok. It isn’t a fun dance routine, ASMR cleaning videos, or #GirlDinner. It’s a prank that consists of cracking an egg on your kid’s forehead and seeing how they respond.

Almost universally, they are reacting badly. (I mean, wouldn’t you?) In a compilation video, which shows several young kids having eggs smashed on their heads, the children all react with shock and dismay. Some cry, some whine, some just look confused. One little girl tells her mother, “What the hell?” Another boy smacks his dad back.

“That wasn’t very nice,” says one little girl sadly, as two adult women laugh beside her. “[Should I] do it to you?”


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