This McDonald’s Grimace Birthday Milkshake Recipe Is Surprisingly Good (and Purple) 

This summer there’s only one It girl—thing?—everyone’s talking about: an amorphous purple creature named Grimace. It all started on June 12, after McDonald’s released a Grimace-flavored milkshake as part of a major marketing campaign to celebrate the mascot’s birthday. The response was immediate: Tweets and Instagram posts went viral, Grimace was declared a gay icon, custom merch was created, a skin care routine dropped. And, of course, came the TikTok trend. This one involves users uploading videos of themselves tasting the Grimace milkshake before the camera cuts to the person pretending to be dead or passed out in increasingly absurd scenarios. To understand the level of influence Grimace has right now: #grimaceshake currently has more than 1 billion views on the platform.


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