It’s Pete Davidson’s Time to Shine With Taylor Swift (So, The Internet Thinks)

Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn have called it quits after six years of dating, according to reports. Now, the internet believes Pete Davidson’s moment has come.

It’s all part of an ongoing joke, really. See, Davidson — whose currently dating Bodies Bodies Bodies co-star Chase Sui Wonders — has developed a reputation for not only being a ladies’ man but the rebound to well-known women (Kim Kardashian, Kate Beckinsale, Emily Ratajkowski, etc.).

Now, whenever a famous woman is back on the market, the internet instantly pulls out a bunch of Davidson memes and reactions, trolling his habit of cuffing up freshly-single famous women.

We saw this happen with Giselle Bündchen following her divorce from Tom Brady (again, Davidson and Bündchen weren’t dating; it was all jokes). Now, it’s happening again with Swift. There are even a couple tweets poking fun at Davidson’s chance with Alwyn.

Ah, you gotta love Twitter.

Swift and Alwyn started dating in 2016 and kept their relationship rather lowkey through its run (though that didn’t stop the constant flow of engagement murmurs).

The two collaborated on more than just romance but music as well. Swift and Alwyn secured a 2021 Grammy for Album of the Year with Folklore (Alwyn, under his William Bowery alias, wrote a couple of songs on the album as well as the Evermore project).

You may have also seen Alwyn on the big screen, as the English actor is known for his roles in films like Boy Erased, Mary Queen of Scots, and Harriet.

So, why did the couple break up? Swift and Alwyn’s relationship simply “ran its course,” according to ET, who broke the news.

Swift is currently on her Eras tour, which has been trending since its insane ticket sale fiasco. Even once Swift kicked off the official tour, it continued to make headlines due to her literal stage dives and celebrity attendees.

According to her tour dates, she is set to take Tampa this coming weekend, with some fans concerned about how the breakup will affect her performances moving forward.

Don’t worry, Swifties. Davidson’s shoulder is there for her to cry on — or so social media thinks.

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