Farfetch collaborates with 12on12 to celebrate 50 years of Hip Hop

Farfetch collaborates with 12on12 to celebrate 50 years of Hip Hop

Not all fashion collaborations are about fashion. Farfetch


In case you didn’t know, Beat is its “series of exclusive ad-hoc collaborations and product experiences with the most progressive voices in fashion and culture” targeting members of its loyalty programme.

In the latest development, it’s recognising “the intersection of fashion, art and Hip Hop” and underlining the importance of lifestyle and cultural elements for fashion’s biggest retailers.

The company said that Beat 010 “honours the significance of Mcing, Graffiti Art and Turntablism through the highly coveted medium of vinyl records that played such a pivotal role in the early days of the movement”.

So, as mentioned, this one is more culture than fashion and including the first drop, will see three separate vinyl drops over six months. The final release will culminate in an original triptych design titled ‘Future Look For Flash’, “seamlessly blending all the vinyl covers into one iconic piece of art. Each vinyl drop will be accompanied by the artist’s edition pieces, including a limited set of 12”.

There are 12 hand-finished art prints co-signed by “graffiti legend” Futura and “rap icon” Nas retailing for $12,000; plus 20 hand-finished vinyls co-signed by Futura and Nas retailing for $1,200; and 500 vinyls retailing for $250.

The first fruits are available immediately and exclusively online at Farfetch.com and in-store at its Stadium Goods

Farfetch’s marketing chief Nick Tran said of all this: “Uniting the creative forces of Nas and Futura provided a rare opportunity to elevate the art of collector culture. We are thrilled to be working with them to make the collectable pieces available, celebrate self expression, and inherently entwine music, art and fashion through this Beat.” 


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