Just Like That, Jack Harlow Is Back

What happened to Jack Harlow? That’s the question we’ve been asking ourselves since the “First Class” lyricist took a silent step back from music; well, at least it appeared as such on the surface. Truth is, he was hard at work piecing together a new project, Jackman.

Streaming has made us impatient. We have instant access to countless artists’ catalogs, with singles or “loosies” thrown out at pace to keep up with fan demand. It’s exhausting, and from the perspective of the artist, it restricts their creative freedoms. After all, good albums take experience, and experience takes time.

Rushing creativity stifles greatness, making breaks from the chaos of release weeks essential. After all, Jack’s one-year hiatus is a far cry from the 5+ years artists like SZA, Kendrick Lamar, and Frank Ocean permit themselves.

The last heavy dose of Harlow we got was during his whirlwind bromance with Drake, gifting the world the “Churchill Downs” music video. Since then, his acting career has been at the forefront of his artistic presence.

Making his acting debut, Harlow takes on the starring role in the remake of White Men Can’t Jump, bringing his New Balance relationship with him.

With the film set to release in less than four weeks, the album’s release on Friday, 28 April is clearly part of a well-oiled strategy to bring Jack Harlow back into orbit.

An album and film release in the space of a few weeks is no small feat, but with many rap fans feeling that his debut album was somewhat lackluster given the hype that preceded it, Jack Harlow still has a lot to prove to cement himself amongst the greats that co-sign him.

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