Lydia Jacoby: The University of Texas Swimmer Who’s Already Won Gold

Lydia Jacoby, whose name resonated around the world during the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, continues to shine while pursuing her major in textiles and apparel at the University of Texas at Austin. Jacoby’s journey from the icy waters of her picturesque hometown of Seward, Alaska, to the grand stage of Olympic glory is nothing short of extraordinary. Her achievements in the pool—a gold medal in the women’s 100-meter breaststroke and a silver medal in the women’s 4×100-meter medley relay—have already etched her name into the chronicles of swimming history.

However, Jacoby’s impact goes beyond the lanes of the swimming pool. Her dedication to mentoring through organizations like Voice in Sport and her commitment to promoting women in athletics demonstrate her character as a true leader and advocate for social change. She stands tall as an Alaskan athlete, representing a diverse and underrepresented group with her efforts to preserve women’s sports at the grassroots level.


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