Alex Jones’s Lies Blow Up in His Face in Explosive Sandy Hook Trial

If there’s justice in the world, Alex Jones, the infamous conspiracy theorist on trial for the unconscionable, disgusting lies he spread that the Sandy Hook massacre was a hoax and that the children and teachers who lost their lives that day weren’t actually killed, will have to pay the full $150 million the families suing him for defamation have asked for. Further justice would be for him to never again have a platform from which to spew these outrageous, indefensible lies; total justice in my opinion would be for him to be completely shunned by society and for a witch to take his voice away so no one ever has to hear from him again. We’ll have to wait and see if that justice comes to pass, but on Wednesday, August 3, the universe gave Jones a teeny-tiny bit of what he deserves, when not only did his lies blow up in his face, but they did so thanks to his own legal team.


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