Wait, Why Is TikTok Wearing Dickies Like That?

This article was originally published on May 6, 2022.

When a trend starts on TikTok, it is only a matter of time before thousands of people are jumping on it.

Thus far, we’ve seen plenty of beauty trends emerge from the social media platform, as well as a multitude of fashion micro-trends, including the recent obsession with Dickies trousers.

Dickies have been around forever, and they’ve always been a go-to for skaters and streetwear lovers around the world because of their versatility, and now more people are starting to appreciate them because of their affordable price tag – and exposure on social media.

However, TikTok is wearing the trousers in a slightly different way.

A quick search for “Dickies” will generate thousands of styling videos of girls styling the Dickies 874 trousers, which are traditionally a “male” fit. They’re slightly baggier, and as a result, everyone has started wearing them with the waist folded down, exposing the white lining and “Dickies 874” branding on the inside.

The trick is to size up in the trousers so that they are just too big, and then wear them unbuttoned, but folded down. Almost every single video is styling the trousers in the same way, recommending different sizes to create different fits, but there are also plenty of people trying out the trend without loving it.

With every viral trend, there’s a strong urge to jump on the bandwagon instantly, even if it’s not necessarily your own personal style. Hence, why it just doesn’t work for some people.

When it comes to the Dickies trousers, however, it seems that just about everyone on TikTok is a fan. Celebrities like Madison Beer are also rocking the trend, both on Instagram as well as out and about.

It isn’t just the Dickies trousers that get folded, jeans and regular pants, too. It seems as if Gen Z is trying to achieve the low-waisted, Y2K look without actually purchasing low-rise fits, turning any pants into a two-in-one situation.

It is also key that the trousers are paired with a smaller top, following the unwritten “big trousers, small top” rule. Who doesn’t love an exposed belly button?

There are even skirts now, too! And of course, they should also be worn with the waist folded down.

Whether or not you hate it or love it, the trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. And when it goes away, all you need to do is simply just unfold the waist, and you’ve got yourself a pair of normal, timeless Dickies trousers. Just like magic!

I’ll be trying it out myself to report back.

If you’re looking to invest in the perfect pair, don’t snooze on the last few Highsnobiety pieces.

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