Usher? Chris Brown? What’s Going On??

WTF is going on with Usher and Chris Brown?

According to the rumor mill, Brown got into a verbal argument with Teyana Taylor at his Las Vegas roller skating birthday party, prompting Usher to intervene. Apparently, things escalated and got physical between Usher, Brown, and their respective teams.

A video also surfaced showing what looks like Usher attempting to calm a seemingly heated Brown prior to the reported scuffle, further fueling rumors of a brawl between the two.

Word naturally made its way to Twitter, with the two musicians’ names currently trending on the platform. But social media is entirely confused by the so-called fight between Usher and Brown — and rightfully so.

According to a video featuring Shad Moss (formerly Bow Wow), Usher helped “put together” Brown’s celebration. Not to mention, the “Yeah” artist also sang “Happy Birthday” to Brown alongside singer Mario, per videos shared on Twitter.

Usher, who continues to make headlines for his captivating Las Vegas residency, hasn’t been known to be involved in physical spats in all his career — he’s a relatively chill, drama-free guy.

Brown, on the other hand, has a lengthy history of violent behavior and run-ins with the law, including assault against ex-girlfriend and now-billionaire mogul Rihanna in 2009.

Up until this point, Brown and Usher weren’t known to have beef with each other as they’ve worked together on songs in the past. Regardless, we hope everyone is safe and no one was hurt in the alleged altercation.


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