7 Holiday Traditions You Can Retire—And 9 New Ones to Consider

Twinkle lights, tartan plaids, peppermint bark, an entire aisle of Hanukkah goodies at Target— such progress! Once all the holiday things begin to appear, our emotions kick into high gear, and we can easily go through the entire season, never stopping to think about the fact that holiday traditions aren’t holiday obligations. As in: There’s no law dictating that you need to pre-order a pasture-raised heritage turkey months in advance like your mom always has. You will not be jailed if you finally admit that you find faux Christmas trees cuter and easier. Just because all the other parents do Elf on the Shelf doesn’t mean you have to introduce that guy to your toddler. (Think verrry carefully about whether you want the added pressure of secretly moving that thing around every night for a month for the next decade or so.) And you don’t actually need to hunt down matching pajamas for you, your partner, and your dog—ones that actually fit everyone—and then force everyone to do a themed Instagram photoshoot. Unless, of course, you actually enjoy this.


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