Your Home Is Key to Manifesting Your Goals: Here’s How to Decorate Accordingly

Manifestation practices—or rather, the routines and rituals you can use to turn your thoughts into reality—can luckily be done anywhere. But as someone who has a soft spot for interiors and is hyper-aware of her surroundings (I am a home and living writer after all!), I believe that your living space plays a crucial part in supporting your dreams. Whether you live in a tiny dorm room or your very own dream home, your environment can help keep you focused, calm, and positive—which is key to achieving your goals.

To learn more about the link between our homes and manifestation, I chatted with manifestation expert Haley Hoffman Smith, and her tips are sure to get your creative ideas flowing. If you’re ready to level up your living space, here’s how to make sure your home supports your ideal lifestyle and the best version of you.

1. Start with gratitude and appreciation.

“You can manifest anywhere at any time, and so much of it is about appreciating where you are,” Hoffman Smith said. Practicing gratitude for what you already have is a huge part of manifestation, and if you’re struggling with where to begin, start with the roof over your head. Even if you’re not living in your dream home (yet!), focus on the things you love about your current space and express your appreciation for them. Whether you simply look around your space and make mental notes or write your thoughts down in a journal, having gratitude for your current home will help you stay positive and uplifted.

Hoffman Smith, for instance, moved into her dream New York City apartment a few years ago, but before that, she was living in a modest home in Colorado. “I focused so much on what I appreciated in that home and the fact that I had a home and a front door and that it provided safety and comfort,” Hoffman Smith said. Focusing on the positive attributes of your surroundings will help you stay in a high vibrational state, or in a state of contentment and peace, which makes you a magnet for whatever it is that you desire. As Esther Hicks, another manifestation expert, famously says, “As you think, you vibrate. As you vibrate, you attract.”

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2. Know what your vision is, and keep it in sight.

Vision boards are a go-to practice for manifestation. While you can easily use your vision board as a phone background or laptop wallpaper, strategically placing images and positive affirmations around your home is another sneaky way to keep your vision in front of you. Consider displaying reminders of your vision on your fridge, the bathroom mirror, or your coffee table. “What matters most is having them someplace where you’ll see them all the time,” Hoffman Smith said.

For example, Hoffman Smith decorated her coffee table with a book on the Amalfi Coast, one of her favorite travel destinations. “It’s nice to be able to flip it open to a page and have it be like a vision board on my coffee table,” she said. This is great advice if you have a dream destination you’d like to visit—in addition to a coffee table book, you could also frame pictures of places on your bucket list.

Other easy ways to keep your vision in sight include placing sticky notes with positive affirmations around your home or using everyday items that remind you of your dreams. Hoffman Smith also has a collection of coffee mugs that all reflect things that make her happy. If you’re trying to manifest something specific (like a new job or a dream vacation), find a mug that has a design or words that relate to that goal and can help you imagine that it’s already a reality.

3. Maximize the space you have by keeping it tidy.

A clean, clutter-free home can help you stay focused and at ease as you work toward your goals. Even if your current space is less than ideal, keeping it tidy will help make the most of the space so it can best support your dream lifestyle. If there’s a room in your home that feels off even after cleaning, however, Hoffman Smith recommends rearranging the furniture. “If you’re about to embark on a new chapter of your life, or if the energy is just stagnant, shifting around the placements of certain things can really help,” she said. Keep rearranging until your space feels right.

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4. Fill your home with things you love.

Additionally, be sure your home includes items that reflect your desires and passions. Adding beauty, like flowers for your kitchen table or art that inspires you, can have a big effect on your mood and make you feel like you’re already living your best life. For Hoffman Smith, seasonal decor helps her add joy to her space. “Changing things up with the seasons can make it feel really cozy,” she said. Consider this your sign to light the fall candle or hang those twinkly lights if those things make you happy. At the end of the day, manifestation is about keeping your vibration high, so be sure to sprinkle items throughout your space that bring you joy, no matter how small.

5. Set up your home for your morning and nighttime routines.

“Manifesting really comes down to the routines we do, such as meditation, gratitude, and journaling,” Hoffman Smith said, “and having a space for each in your home can help it become a ritual that you get used to and can look forward to.” Whatever you want your morning and evening routines to look like, create a dedicated space that supports those activities. If you like to start each day by journaling while you sip your morning tea, place your journal and a pen near your tea kettle and mugs. If you want to meditate each night before bed, outfit your bedroom with soft lighting and a meditation pillow. Creating the space for the routine will make it that much easier to settle into the habit, Hoffman Smith said.

6. Prepare your space for your ideal lifestyle.

Even if you don’t feel like you’re living your dream life yet, you can prepare your space for those dreams to become a reality. Does your future self like to host dinner parties? Spruce up your dining area, tidy up your kitchen, and gather up a few recipes you’d like to prepare for friends or family. Does your future self have a consistent meditation practice? Create a cozy meditation corner with a floor cushion and a small table for candles or an essential oil diffuser. By creating space for your goals, you can prepare yourself for all of the abundance that is no doubt already on its way to you.

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