Sydney Sweeney & Glen Powell’s Cheating Scandal, Explained

This article was published April 25, 2023 and updated April 27

Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell apparently got along really, really well on-set while filming Anyone But You, their forthcoming R-rated rom-com, because the Euphoria actress and Top Gun star are reportedly an item. The problem? Powell might’ve cheated on his longtime girlfriend over this fling with Sweeney.

Sweeney and Powell were first linked in late April while doing early press for Anyone But You at CinemaCon in Las Vegas.

On the red carpet, the duo could hardly keep their eyes off each other, as Sweeney and Powell held each other tight, staring into their eyes with massive grins.

The photos of Sweeney and Powell embracing were published mere hours after Gigi Paris, Powell’s girlfriend of three years, unfollowed Sweeney on Instagram on April 24.

Of course, we’ve heard no official comment from Sydney Sweeney or Glen Powell, so the relationship situation is entirely speculation. It doesn’t help that the rumors of Sweeney and Powell’s fling were first kicked up by notorious gossip page @deuxmoi in early 2023, which isn’t always accurate.

However, on April 27, a few days after Sweeny and Powell snuggled up on the red carpet, Gigi Paris confirmed the end of her relationship with Powell.

To state the obvious: with Powell newly single, he’s free to date his famous co-star.

Sydney Sweeney, 25, and Glen Powell, 34, have spent much of 2023 thus far filming Anyone But You in Australia, which looks pretty steamy from early photos — Sweeney and Powell were seen repeatedly embracing, kissing, and all the other typical rom-com biz.

But that’s just acting… right?

If Sweeney and Powell are an item, it’d have pretty serious implications for both actors.

Powell had a serious thing with Paris, for instance, while Sweeney is purportedly engaged to businessman Jonathan Davino, who Sweeney has been dating for about four years.

Still, hard to deny Sweeney and Powell’s IRL chemistry, which has only fueled whispers suggesting that the pair might’ve cheated on their partners with each other.

Indeed, in late April, Sweeney was seen in New York with a bare finger — no engagement ring here.

This isn’t Sidney Sweeney’s only brush with controversy: the Miu Miu model was at the center of MAGA-centric blowback several months back, following a bizarre family gathering.

That being said, news of Sweeney and Powell’s possible cheating scandal has seen online rumor mills revel in this kind of classic Hollywood drama.

Far be it for any of us to condone infidelity of any kind but this sort of romance — hunky people romantically united on-set by inherent chemistry, damn the consequences — is the sort of story that Hollywood frequently provided (and culture consistently craved) even only a few years ago.

Think Kate Hudson and Owen Wilson filming You, Me, And Dupree, Abbie Cornish and Ryan Phillippe at Stop-Loss, and the rumors that’ve plagued Will Smith and Margot Robbie since 2015’s Focus.

The Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde affair that occurred during the production of Don’t Worry Darling provided the most recent taste of juicy controversy but didn’t enjoy the boost in attention derived from a proper cheating scandal.

Finally, for better or worse (probably worse) Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell have stepped up to the plate to provide exactly that. If nothing else, it’s a great viral marketing campaign for Anyone But You.

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