Trousseau expands online sales to the US

Trousseau expands online sales to the US

This month, Brazilian homeware brand Trousseau is expanding into the United States with the launch of its international e-commerce site, an operation in which the company has invested some R$ 2.5 million ($705,000), and which will introduce more than 2,500 bed, table and bathware items and accessories to the North American market. 

Trousseau founders Adriana and Romeu Trussardi – Divulgação

Every aspect of the new sales platform, which goes live in the second week of May, will be controlled from Brazil, from its operations, infrastructure and logistics to its specialized workforce. A representative of the brand told FashionNetwork.comTrussardi

“The products will be on average 20% cheaper compared to the Brazilian market due to the difference in tax burden and, furthermore, all the work will be handled domestically,” he explained.

In New York, Trousseau has contracted BentleyCalvin Klein

“Trousseau has a good opportunity to catch the attention of more demanding American consumers, those who have a modern, sophisticated and timeless approach to interior design and appreciate quality with great attention to subtle details. Trousseau’s e-commerce platform will be in line with the changing shopping habits of American luxury consumers and offer a unique online experience,” she said. 

Along with its 20 branded stores in Brazil, São Paulo-based Trousseau is present in 35 multibrand retailers in the country, as well as in Peru, Uruguay and Paraguay. The brand is also planning to expand into Argentina before the end of the year. 

Founded by couple Adriana and Romeu Trussardi Neto in 1991, Trousseau is known for its mix of premium products and its personalized service. 


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