IrfÃ: Jose Enrique Ona Selfa joins design team

Irfé: Jose Enrique Ona Selfa joins design team

Founded in 1924 by Irina and Felix Youssoupoff, herself the granddaughter of Tzar Alexandre III, and himself the descendent of a Russian family of standing, the Irfé fashion house, which was resurrected 4 years ago thanks to former Belarussian model Olga Sorokina, decided to “reinterpret the elegance of Russian aristocracy in flamboyant ready-to-wear couture.”

For its spring/summer 2016 collection, to be presented at the House’s showroom on 7 July (12 rue Vivienne, Paris 2nd arrondissement), the house called upon designer Jose Enrique Ona Selfa, formerly of Loewe

A “Ready to Couture” collection – mixing ready-to-wear with couture fabrics – in which the designer pays tribute to silk inspired by the “extraordinary dresses of the 19th century”, the embroidery of feathers and shoulder embellishments with sequins.

The brand is now represented by C&E Ambassadors, an agency that takes care of purchasing, showroom sales and press relations for brands such as Broken Bow and Atelier BSP, and founded by Camille de Pontcharra (ex-Vogue Italy and still at LambertHarvey Nichols


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