Maison&Objet show adopts âTake Care!â as theme for January 2023 edition

Maison&Objet show adopts “Take Care!” as theme for January 2023 edition

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Nicola Mira

The next edition of Parisian design and home decoration trade show Maison&Objet will kick off on Thursday January 19, with “Take Care!” as its theme. For five days, until January 23, the international trade show of the home decoration, object design and art-of-living sectors, held at the Paris Nord exhibition centre, will showcase nearly 2,300 exhibitors from approximately 150 countries.

The Maison&Objet show will open on Friday January 19 – Maison&Objet

After the disruption caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, the aim of the show’s upcoming edition is to enable participants to “refocus, reconnect with themselves, with others and with the environment.” A theme that will be the thread running through the event’s “What’s New” trend section, featuring the main novelties visitors will discover at the show.  

“Today, the second we step outside, we are hit with cultural, environmental and identity issues. Society is craving for new models, and that is something that brands can deliver, providing solutions that target the environment, safeguard expertise, and encourage us all to care for others and focus on our own well-being. What we are interested in are the rising voices that are picking up that gauntlet. The under-25s that make up Generation Z are impatiently waiting for something to be done. Today, a new set of ethics is dictating the type of consumer activity we are witnessing,” said Vincent Grégoire, creative director of NellyRodi

The show features 14 sections, among them “Fashion Accessories”, which brings together just over 200 fashion and accessories labels, such as footwear brands N’Go Shoes and Minorquines, and leather goods brands Craie Studio and Jack Gomme. Alongside them, fashion labels like Faguo

Along the aisles at Maison&Objet’s September 2022 edition – Maison & Objet

The “Kids and Family” section will instead showcase the collections of 122 exhibitors specialising in the world of children. Among them, cosmetics brand Poupon and fashion accessories brand Charlie dans les étoiles. The Home Accessories section will focus on the home in the broadest sense. Among the brands present is Bonton

The Fragrances section, dedicated to personal and home fragrances and cosmetics, will feature 106 exhibitors. What Matters, a French brand of personal care and household cleaning products, will be exhibiting for the first time. Also in the same section, skincare brand La Crème Libre, and detergent brands La Savonnerie de Nyons and La Savonnerie Fer à Cheval.

Maison&Objet’s September 2022 edition welcomed 58,688 visitors.


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