How to Organize Your Kitchen and Streamline Meal Prep

Clear countertops make our hearts sing, but kitchen organization is so much deeper than that.

In the grand scheme of life, shiny countertops may seem like a superficial concern, but anyone with a kitchen knows that they’re actually a very unavoidable reflection of what kind of day, week, or month we’re having. An expanse of decluttered, polished quartz is a clear indicator that we’re energetic, motivated, running on schedule, and just generally killing it in life. Cluttered, crumb-dusted, sticky countertops punctuated by empty coffee mugs and little piles of mail tell an entirely different story.

The power of kitchen organization doesn’t end at the countertops, either: When your kitchen is even a little dysfunctional, that can easily carry over to other areas of your life, from your morning routine to what you eat—and thus how you feel—to how much quality time you spend with your partner or family in the evening. If you don’t make your bed or fold your sweaters for a few days (or years), your life won’t fall apart; if you stop putting away dishes or taking stock of your pantry, it actually kind of will.

That said, kitchen organization can also be far more intimidating than, say, revamping a closet or your garage shelves. For starters, you’re dealing with a truly finite amount of space. You want to keep many items within close reach, but you have to work with the cabinet space and kitchen drawers that you have. (Unlike in other rooms, where you can usually squeeze a few storage bins somewhere, it can be trickier here to carve out additional storage space—especially if you have a small kitchen.) Plus, you’re dealing with a massive quantity of daily-use items that need to be easy-access but that also have very specific storage needs: delicate glassware, bulky gadgets, heavy cookware, clanky baking sheets, bulky cutting boards, and an always unruly hodgepodge of cooking utensils and silverware.


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