For Some Reason, Jared Leto’s Still Wearing His Cat Costume

Did the group chat forget to remind Jared Leto that the Met Gala is over? Because, for some reason, the actor is still out here cosplaying Karl Lagerfeld’s cat, Choupette.

On May 6, Leto was spotted in SoHo near Café Lyria, outfitted in that terrifying cat costume he wore to the Met Gala five days ago. Why? The world may never know, but the actor offered (seemingly) free photo-ops to the crowd he drew on the street. Uh, cool. I guess.

First, a Julia Fox impersonator. Now, Jared Leto as Choupette the Cat is terrorizing NYC. They don’t call it Gotham for no reason.

Leto — the creator of expensive eye creams and (alleged) partaker of cornish delights — gave us the jumpscare of the night at the 2023 Met Gala as he stepped on the red carpet as a life-sized Choupette. His encounter with Lizzo, who didn’t yet know who was in the furry outfit, spawned perhaps the most relatable meme of the year.

Of course, Leto eventually revealed himself by removing his feline head on the red carpet (again, jumpscare), joining the parade of best, not-so-best looks, and simply wild ‘fits (spoiler: he landed on our wild list).

Oh, and the cat cosplay didn’t stop at the Met. Leto stuck to the theme all night, carrying the cat head to the afterparties with him (I wish I could say sike). And now, roughly a week after the Met, Leto just can’t let go of his outfit. It must’ve been an unforgettable first Monday of May for the actor.

We’ll let him have his moment for now, but let’s wrap this up come Monday, May 8, okay?

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