Kamala Harris: With the Overturn of

Kamala Harris didn’t mince words when talking about the abortion-rights emergency that—as of the leaked Supreme Court decision last week—just got more desperate. 

“All Americans should realize that this is a direct assault on the freedom of women, and it is an attack that can affect all Americans,” the vice president said on a call with a group of reporters, including Glamour, on Thursday, May 12. 

It was reported this month that the Supreme Court has voted to overturn , at which point more than half of all U.S. states will instantly ban abortion. “Here is what it means on a practical level in terms of women, and men, and all genders: Privacy rights are in jeopardy,” Harris said. “When you look at the privacy rights that are in jeopardy, it could very well include the right to obtain contraception. It could very well include the right to marry someone of the same sex.” 

The day before, Harris had presided over a Senate vote in which all 50 Republicans and one Democrat voted down the Women’s Health Protection Act, which would have made abortion rights federal law, regardless of the fate of Roe v. Wade. “There are some extremist Republican leaders who clearly want to punish and criminalize women,” she said, citing the Texas law that will allow onlookers to sue people who perform or help facilitate abortions.  


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